Sometimes your needs might require specialist support that Legal & General don’t currently offer.

We’re always looking to learn and improve, but we understand you might require something different.

We’ve put together a list of services we offer and external resources you might find useful.

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Deaf, hearing or speech

  • Text relay

    Text relay

    We provide a text relay service and can arrange a British Sign Language (BSL) translator via a third-party service.

    How to access Relay

    You can use this service by downloading the Relay UK app. If you're using a textphone, enter 18001 before the number you want to dial.

    Relay UK is a third party, which means Legal & General aren’t responsible for this service. The service will be subject to third party terms and conditions and privacy practices. If you have difficulty using this service, please contact Relay UK directly.

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  • Online chat

    Online chat

    Legal and General’s Manage Your Account has an online chat functionality where you can speak directly to one of our customer services advisors.

    How to access the online chat

    Login or register for Manage Your Account. Please note you’ll need your Legal & General policy number to register.

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Visual aids and sight loss

  • Braille or large print

    Hand reading Braille

    Braille or large print

    We provide communications in braille and large font through our preference centre or by emailing our helpline:

  • Screen readers

    Fingers on keyboard

    Screen readers

    Our websites work with screen readers including the most recent versions of JAWS, NVDA and VoiceOver

    How to access screen readers

    Nearly all computers, tablets and smartphones have a screen reader function built in.

    For web

    For Apple devices

    • Find Voice Over in the Accessibility settings on Apple devices

    For Android devices

    • Find TalkBack in the Accessibility settings on Google and Android devices

Help for carers

  • Care Concierge

    Care Concierge

    Provided by experts with backgrounds in social care, nursing and care home agencies, this service helps you understand and navigate all aspects of the later life care process.

    Care Concierge is offered to all Annuity, Workplace and Later Life Mortgage customers. For Insurance customers, they need to have a policy taken out from the 20th of July 2023.

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  • Carers UK

    Carers UK

    Carers UK provides advice and information for carers on any issue including benefits, residential care, the Carer’s Act and respite care.


    0808 808 7777

    or click below.

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